Does Windows 7 have a limit of space able to use in a raid?


My company has built a computer in the past using 8 hhd in a raid 0 and even though the hdd added up to 4tb the computer could only use 2tb due to a limit this computer was on windows XP

i am now building a computer for them also in raid 0 but they have brought windows 7 for it and hhds adding up to 6tb.

could you tell me whether it is the operating system that limits the amount of space you can have in a raid 0 or whether it is something else?
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  1. Yes, if I am not mistaken, the boot partition cannot be bigger than 2TB even in Windows7.
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    You need to set your partitions to GPT vs MRB to exceed the 2TB limit...
  3. Ok thank you very much
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