I would like to know which graphics card to get because I don't know how to choose between the graphics cards. Also if you tell me please tell me the reasons. Thanks.

I am planning on a build and looking at I5 build and the power supply will be an Antec 750 TP. I would like to know is I should get a

ATI Radeon 4850, 4870, or 4890

Also what are the benefits of different brands. ex. Sapphire, HIS

Last I would prefer a card below 200 however I will buy more expensive ones if needed, and also if the the 5000 series will be more beneficial.

Thank you
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  1. 200 £ $ € ?
  2. Oh sorry $200
  3. Best answer
    A XFX HD4890

    Reason for XFX, double lifetime warrenty.
  4. 4890 would be the card to go with if you plan to overclock. As far as brands i would go with xfx.
  5. djcoolmasterx said:
    A XFX HD4890

    Reason for XFX, double lifetime warrenty.

    XFX is the best GPU distributor, I totally agree with this recommendation.
  6. Ok Thanks
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