Gtx 250 sli

does anyone have any results of 2 gts 250's in sli in gaming or synthetic benches results i cant find any for the sli'ed 250's cards only single cards
i have one and was wandering if it was worth getting another or wait on dx 11 cards?
thanks for the info..

system only low to mid grade system
windows xp pro 64
amd x2 64 6000 oc to 3450
4 gig 6400 ram
wd 500gig hd
have one bfg gts 250 going to get another if its worth it ,got them for 119$ with 20 rebate so 99$ each lifetime warranty with 100 day trade up..
there's nothing i cant play on max settings most games play over 40 frames sec even crysis hawks maxed out is about 75 frames sec display at 1650x1080 all dx 9c
thanks for the info guys...
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    For those that have a hard time with charts...Adding another 250 would provide around a 50% performance increase. Keep that in mind when you think about buying one. Would you buy a card that's only half as good as a 250 for the same price? Just one way to think about it. Wait on dx 11 cards though.

    Nice link mousemonkey. (I'm going to refer to you as mm from now on k ^_^)
  2. FallenSniper said:
    Nice link mousemonkey. (I'm going to refer to you as mm from now on k ^_^)

    Fine by me Dude. :sol:
  3. thanks for the fast reply... ill keep that in mind for the dx 11 cards my frames are very playable in all games for now..

    thanks FallenSniper.. :D
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