GTX 295 Upgrade + Cpu Overclock

My GT8800 ultra 768mb failed last night.

I want to get a new graphics card, was thinking GTX 295.

But ideally i'd want to replace my MS-7235 fpr PCI-E 2 at least, and I thought perhaps an Asus P5Q Pro turbo

Then I thought I better overclock my Q6600 to help keep up with the vcard by getting a thermalright Ultra-120

I have 4 x 1gb ram not sure if it's 800/1066 though.

Can anyone see a flaw in my plan or have better suggestions?
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  1. what is the resolution of your monitor?

    and have you read the most recent
    " best value for the money " gfx card article ?
  2. It's a 24inch BenQ, 1900x1200.

    No I haven't, though I have since been looking at

    GTX 275 and HD 4980

    as a card to keep me going until I'm ready to upgrade properly.

    where's the article?
  3. I bought the GTX 275 in the end from scan

    896MB EVGA GTX 275 SSC 55nm, 2376MHz GDDR3, GPU 684 MHz, Shader 1404 MHz, 240 Cores

    I have been very reserved :) for that I am happy
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