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Hello all, I recently had a couple of my old computers that I was using crashed on me. The thing was, I was just using them until I got assigned a new windows 7 workbook from work to do my computing on business trips. My problem is now that I have the work laptop, I still have some of my work on my old PCs. I was looking around and trying to figure out a solution and it seems like I can turn an older drive, no matter the operating system as long as its windows, into a portable drive that can connect to the notebook via usb 2.0 cable. My question is what exactly do I need, will any of these cheap adapters off the net do? There are some other considerations as well, as one of them is the 240GB older ribbon cable drive thing that was hooked up to an old sony tower that ran XP service Pack 3 and the other looks like a 320GB with the new SATA cable drive that was hooked up to an emachines running vista service pack 1. Will I still be able to run them from a newer Dell windows 7 laptop?
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  1. Hi there,

    Assuming the desktop and laptop aren't too old, all should have an ethernet plug used to connect to a router or cable or DSL modem for internet connections.

    You can purchase what's called an ethernet crossover cable for about $5, and connect each one separately to your work laptop to copy over the data you need.
    Then purchase an inexpensive USB or SATA external backup drive/enclosure to backup your personal files for safe keeping.
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    I'd buy two USB 3.5" external HDD encolsures. One for SATA & one for IDE. You should be able to find them online fairly easily.
    Something like this:
    and this:

    Only you want cheaper. You should be able to find something online (maybe ebay) for roughly $13. Just connect your hard drives through those and transfer your data. The computer they're from doesn't need to be powered on.
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