What are my chances of getting a decent graphics card with my PSU

My computer
is a p6127c
the pcmag review says that it should be able to handle a 9500gt but im not sure.

some of my computer specs are:
intel core 2 quadcore q8200
1 dvd drive
300w psu 12V/19A
liteon ps 5301-08HA

It has an integrated graphics card at the moment.
It has a pci slot, pci-e slot, pci-e x16 slot.

what are the chances of it being able to run a decent graphics card? say.. for... modern warfare 2 or left 4 dead 2 on medium graphics/res a least?
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  1. i wouldnt count on it.

    a low power card like a 9600gso would work, and likely play both those games on lowish settings.

    300w isnt alot though, especially with a fairly demanding system already.
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