2TB Hard Drive won't work on Marvell 6GB SATA port

Intel Core i7-960 3.20GHz LGA1366 CPU BX80601960
PSU Corsair 600W
MEM 4G KST KVR1333D3/4GR x3
EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
Western Digital 500 GB SATA 6.0 GB-s Internal OEM Drive WD5000AAKX
Western Digital 2 TB Caviar Black SATA 6GB/s Internal OEM Drive WD5000AAKX

Just built this machine. Installed Windows 7 on the 500GB drive. Both drives are plugged into the blue SATA 6GB ports on my board. My drivers for these controllers are Marvell 91xx SATA 6G v1.2.0.1002 (Dated 3/7/2011).

The second 2TB drive shows up in BIOS as well as Drive Management in Windows, but it will not be recognized as an accessible drive that can be formatted, partitioned, or anything. I get an error each time I attempt to format or partition through Drive Management.

When I plug the 2TB drive into one of the other (black, Intel) SATA ports, the drive works fine, but in the blue ports it just won’t seem to work. The 500GB drive, however, works perfectly as the boot disk in these ports.

I would be fantastic if I could actually make use of the 6GB SATA ports, it’s part of the reason I purchased this board and these drives together. So far Intel tech support has no answers. Does anyone know what might be going on here? Please help!

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  1. Hi there,

    One thing to check in the BIOS is: there is a setting to Enable/Disable 2nd Serial Port. Does not say if it affects the Marvel 9128 chip, but worth checking to make sure it is enabled.

    I assume what you mean by Drive Management is "Disk Management" and not Device Manager. Then go to DiskMgmt where you say the Drive is recognized by the OS, in the lower graphical section.

    On the left side of graphical area, just below the Disk , list the info there, like Basic, or Dynamic, DiskSize. Then right click and list for us what the choices are, like Online, Not initialized, Failed. If a choice in Online, see if that will make the Disk partitionable.

    In the longer graphical area just to the right, what color band is just above it? List what it says there, like Disk Size, etc. Then right click that Volume Status area and list for us what your choices are, Healthy, Raw, Unallocated, Unknown.

    That may make it obvious what is not set properly.
  2. It does sound like an incompatibility with the 6GB controller. However, since they are 2TB drives and likely only 7200RPM at best (just guessing) you will be hard pressed to have those drive saturate even a 1.5GB channel let alone a 6GB, even several Raided would likely not need 3GB. On the other hand if those were current generation 6GB SSD' drivers a single one of those could or at least get full benefit. I would leave the 6GB ports for fast SSD drives and plug the regular platter drives into the other ports for mass storage.
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