I\'m currently using Asus p4v8x-mx Motherboard with Inno3d Geforce FX5500 and it

I\'m currently using Asus p4v8x-mx Motherboard with Inno3d Geforce FX5500 and it works. I change the video card to Geforce 6800 and i installed the driver successfully. when my window now reboots, it logs on perfectly then automatically shuts down after a few minutes. It may be the cpu temperature. What could be the problem? can a vid card cause a cpu to heat up?
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  1. The 6800 draws a lot more power compared to the FX5500.
    What power supply do you Have?
  2. Im unable to check right now, Ill do it when i get home. I also remembered at one point it displayed that CPU is too hot. its a Pentium 4 2.4Ghz processor. When i reattached and reinstalled the FX 5500, it worked fine. Can a change in Vid Card cause a processor to heat up?
  3. what i mean in "automatically shuts down after a few minutes" is that it shuts down as if i clicked start > shutdown. It even does the shutdown sound. i also saw CPU is too hot.
  4. I found out I have an ATX 500W Power Supply. So i get this message first before it starts the shutdown process "Warning, Temperature too high! Please check your fan and heatsink"

    This only happens when i use my Geforce 6800. i have no issues when using FX 5500

    Is this a GPU or a Motherboard problem? what can i do about it?
  5. Not to point out the obvious, but have you checked the CPU fan and heatsink to ensure the CPU fan is running? If the CPU is overheating then there's a problem that's most likely related to the heatsink or fan.

    I'm not sure why the video card would make a difference. The 500watt PSU should be more than enough power most likely.

    Check to see if the CPU fan is spinning when powered on.
  6. It is spinning at around 3k rpm, temp at around high 50's C. Same as when im using fx 5500

    im trying to revive my old pc thats why i bought a Geforce 6800 :(
  7. hey there! welcome!

    try to boot into Bios and check your CPU temp as well as your cpu fan speed, and have it in that state for 10 mins...that should tell you and us a lot! hmm and your grafix cards power req are anything above 400W.

    get back with the temps and well see :)
  8. Thanks, ill try these later :)

    can a shortage of power cause windows to start its shutdown sequence?
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    hmmm, funny thing is now...that particular problem will come mainly from the OS as i faced that problem a long time ago, a warning/error message and then the system would shutdown jus as though u clicked - start > shutdown.

    did u check in bios?
  10. Problem is now solved by reformatting and reinstalling Windows 7 using geforce 6800. Thanks :)
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