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I've read a couple of topics on the matter, but doing so has only driven me into a state of utter confusion (similar to when one is presented with a McDonald's drive-thru menu and has to make a choice with a line of noticeably agitated cars behind you).
So let's get down to business. I am using the Asus M4A79XTD EVO and a AMD 955 BE. Is it better for me to simply purchase ddr3-1333 or should I opt for its better looking sister, the ddr3-1600? On to my next question: is it advantageous to purchase memory modules that were specifically designed for the AMD platform? And finally: is the 955 BE limited to only ddr3-1333 memory and will it/does it support higher speeds?

I was interested in purchasing the OCZ black edition 4gb memory which is ddr3-1600, but if it's better off for me to stick with ddr3-1333 then surely I will go for that instead.
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    That board supports 1600. Memory is CPU vendor agnostic. Meaning it isn't designed for AMD or Intel specifically.

    Go for the OCZ DDR3 1600.
  2. Oh yes, I will do that with pleasure. Thank you viper.
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