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I am having a weird issue...

A few weeks ago i started getting Disk Read Error with my WD Cavier Blue 500gb Sata Drive so i went down to Bestbuy and picked up a Seagate Barracuda 500gb and now about 2 weeks later after i installed it into my PC i am getting Disk Read Errors again so now i am at a loss not sure what to do next. However it should be noted it very rarely happens which leads me to believe that maybe it is a bad sata cable ( seeing as i have it coiled and maybe i created a short in it). So any advice would be awesome.

Also i was told it could be my ram but i have already tested that with memtest. I also dont think it is mobo seeing as it is recognized in the BIOS.
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  1. You could try and boot to the command prompt before win loads and type CHKDSK and let it fix any errors you may have with that drive. It sounds like you may have some bad sectors on your drive.
  2. What are the chances i get 2 bad HDD
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