Quadro always better in Autodesk Softwares?

There's been a confusion for me. Now that Quadro has some cheaper range of cards selling like.. NVS 295? How do you compare these Quadros with graphic cards with the likes of..4850 perhaps?Is a Quadro always better in handling Autodesk softwares, in design, 3D rendering, all those stuffs..?
Should I invest into Quadro?Does cards like ATI 4850,GeForce 9800 always inferior to ANY Quadro in 3D rendering?I don't know how to search for a benchmark on this.There's something call CADalyst I guess
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  1. I doubt always, but in general I think they are, as long as you get a 3D Card (a NVS is a 2D multi display card. Do not get it. Get an FX series card for 3D CAD).
  2. Yeah..I just found out that on NVS. So, FX 380 or 580 could overperform a 4870 or 4890? In using these AutoCAD, Inventor..
  3. desktop cards for games,

    quaddro and fire cards for cad, rendering, 3d, ...

    a lot of the difference is in the drivers, I'm sure if you bought the best desktop card and the worst quaddro you could find the desktop card would prevail, but in a normal comparison a workstation card will dominate
  4. look into FireGL
  5. As a game deisgn student I will put in my advice on this.

    Are they always better? No, not always. The cheaper end range are about as powerful as the highend gaming cards the only real difference is the drivers they use. A GTX295 will likely out pace the super low end or older Quadros simply from overpowering them (even though the Quadros will do the same work more efficiently.)

    Once you get into the higher end Quadros it's a completely different story. If you are a student, or just fooling around in your spare time simply get a GTX285 and call it a day. The lowest Quadro will likely perform around the same as a GTX280 I would think.

    Where you will see the larger drop in performance is likely when your rendering out images and video because the Quadro drivers are really made to work for efficiently with it.

    Though keep in mind I could be a bit off with some of my compareace card numbers, I am not super heavy into 3D design as of yet, I am currently studying and spending the bulk of my time on gameplay mechanics.
  6. Question is, are you a professional that would earn a lot more money from the increased productivity, or are you just fooling around?

    If you are a professional, an expensive quadro would pay for itself, just like a professional photographer with an expensive DSLR.

    If you are a student or just fooling around, you might want to look into soft quadro or FireGL modding to convert those gamer cards into their workstation counterparts, then download and install the proper drivers. However if you intend to game with these, expect lower performance, also do not expect them to have literally all the features of a real Quadro/FireGL.
  7. Yes, it all comes down to what you expect to do. If you plan to do minor to moderate CAD and Game occasionally, then the gaming cards are the way to go.
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