Unreadable Hard Drive? Reformat? Dont need to save any info? How do I

I have 2 hard drives that are unreadable. One is a Fujitsu 40gb IDE laptop HD and one is a 2.5 inch 250gb Hitachi SATA HD also for a laptop. I don't care whats on them right now. I just need to fix them to load an operating system back on them. I have a usb 2.0 to IDE/SATA cable adapter, a laptop running vista with no updates or it crashes and gives me a no boot volume error, a desktop running Ubuntu 11.04, and a laptop running windows 7 ultimate. The 40 GB IDE was running XP but during me trying to upgrade it i screwed up and pretty much deleted everything on it including the partition tables and all that. The 250 SATA HD came from a dell that pretty much fell apart running Windows 7. I have no clue whats wrong with them or how to fix it. I DO NOT need to know how to recover my data. I just need to know how to make my hard drives readable so i can start over fresh. Thank You in advance. Ill start with the 40 GB. I had windows xp running on it then a friend gave me a copy of windows home premium to install. i tried installing but it would fail each time. I then deleted the partition and installed it and it worked until i tried to install Ubuntu in windows with Wubi(totally misunderstood the meaning of dual boot).I started getting the missing MBR errors and other codes after restarting when that too failed. I then deleted the entire drive and reinstalled. I would then get an error that the adaphi.sys file was bad or corrupt or missing. No safe mode, no cmd, nothing. I went in thinking it was okay and deleted the c drive thinking I could totally start from scratch. It didn't work. Now all it says when I boot from disk is unknown OS on unknown device. It just got worse and more frustrating so I took a 30gb hd from my older laptop put it in my computer, loaded vista on it and everything worked fine(except the fact I cant download any Microsoft updates or it wont recognize any OS when I restart)(Sorry but any ideas on why that is would be appreciated but not my biggest concern).That is what im using right now. I have tried putting the 40gb back into this computer and booting from the vista disk to install or repair but I get no luck. Vista will not recognize it as a disk with space. No volumes, no partitions, wont let me create them. Just says 0bytes 0bytes. tells me to load drivers so I browse and to my surprise I find a tiny little partition named boot with some folders(which most are empty) and setup files. none are what I need (I don't think)as I tried to load each one. Tried to repair with cmd prompt (disk part)(fix boot)(easy commands) and most of the commands don't work. Clean completes successful but im almost sure that's just making it worse too. Create will not work. Neither will convert,filesystems, format, setid, uniqueid, etc. All i get is no volumes selected or no partitions selected but there are none to select. If i plug it in with the usb to IDE adapter it reads as a usb mass storage device in device manager but no info about the hard drive itself. In computer management it reads as disk 1 with still 0bytes as size. It also says that the disk needs to be initialized but if I try to initialize it it tells me that the device is not ready. Im sure i have everything plugged in right. I tried plugging the adapter into my desktop all different ways but all it will do is read as j micron adapter and no info about actual hard drive.
As for the 250gb hard drive its about the same thing. I have plugged it in with the usb adapter and it reads 0bytes. Disk part lists it as a disk 1 with 0bytes so i cant do anything. I tried everything i could think of from reading all kinds of forums but im either doing it wrong or the problem isn't what I'm experiencing. Everybody keeps asking how to recover their data but like I said I don't need that. Im just trying to format my drives to start fresh. both drives worked perfectly fine till i tried to screw around with different OS. Ive been searching for about 2 weeks now and i still cant figure anything out. I feel i got closer to getting the sata working having it plugged into the windows 7 computer through usb but still with the same outcome. I don't know much about programming so any help would be much appreciated. Im slightly familiar with windows cmd, and windows and i do not have an internet connection to my desktop at the moment. I just started working with computers cause i thought it was interesting but now im at my wits end with all of this. Please help. Any more info that's needed just ask and I will do my best to figure it out. Thank you again for your time and patients.
Sebastian fiorentinosebastian@yahoo.com tattooubyme3@gmail.com
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  1. If all you want to do is re-format your drives try booting to the command prompt before you let windows load and then type formatxx or what ever your drive letter is. If you are trying to fix a boot problem in win 7 put in the win 7 disk and go to startup and repair. This should fix your boot files.
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