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Intel burn test

I am currently OC'd at 4.5Ghz on my i5 2500k.

I can run the intel burn test "standard" no problem.

When I put it on maximum however it gives me a BSOD 124 on the second run through.

I am unsure whether I should increase Vcore anymore, I am sitting at 1.350 v and I get temps of about 62 degrees when running maximum IBT.

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    Yes error 124 seem not enough cpu voltage and your temp still safe
  2. Okay, thanks.
  3. What is max temp for the 2500k?
  4. ... Dont trust thoe guys, every time ppl say its a diffrent temp.
    Some even give ranges like From 75 to 85...

    Check Intels site.
  5. Intel recommend 72.6c as the max Tcase temp which I am led to believe is the sensor around the integrated heat spreader and the not the actual core temps. But I would keep the core temps at this max temp personally as well.
  6. cats_Paw said:
    ... Dont trust thoe guys,

    What do mean with thoe guys ????
  7. Alright, I will just keep it all under 69 to be safe.
  8. Got a BSOD 101 error code @ 1.360v straight up as I went to run intel burn test.

    Not sure what it means, could it be temp related?
  9. BSOD Error codes and what you mean:
    0X00000124 << Incorrect QPI/Vtt Voltage (To Much Not Enough)
    0X00000101 << Not enough Vcore Voltage
  10. Okay thanks, I am not going to increase vcore anymore, I will leave it at 1.355v
    I downed the multiplier to 44 so I am at 4.4Ghz
    Everything seems stable, I'm running Prime95, it's been going for about 10 hours now.
    I can complete all intel burn tests except maximum, which I haven't even bothered to try yet because I got temps of up to 67 on very high.

    Is it necessary to run maximum?
  11. I think standard enough , Ran maximum is great if you get stable, try x10 if stable ran at 20X ... Cool you get stable with standard intelburntest. Keep cool your temp.
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