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I am planning to upgrade my computer to 2GB RAM . Currently I have 512 RAM so once I add 2 GB RAM I would like to have 2.5 GB RAM running in my computer. Please find my system information below

Property Value
Memory Summary
Maximum Capacity 512 MBytes
Memory Slots 4
Error Correction None
DRAM Frequency 266.5 MHz
Memory Timings 4-4-4-12 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS)
Device Locator Slot 1
Part Number 7D-22JB5C0BCP
Serial Number 47463989
Capacity 512 MBytes
Memory Type DDR2 (PC2-4300)
Speed 266 MHz (DDR2 533)
Supported Frequencies 200.0 MHz, 266.7 MHz
Memory Timings 3-3-3-9-12 at 200.0 MHz, at 1.8 volts (CL-RCD-RP-RAS-RC)
Memory Timings 4-4-4-12-16 at 266.7 MHz, at 1.8 volts (CL-RCD-RP-RAS-RC)
Data Width 64 bits
Manufacturing Date 2006, Week 26
EPP SPD Support No
XMP SPD Support No

Property Value
Manufacturer Intel Corporation
Model D102GGC2
Version AAD42789-203
Serial Number BTGC63100DX4

North Bridge ATI RS400/RC400/RC410 Revision 01
South Bridge ATI SB400 Revision 01

CPU Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz
Cpu Socket Socket 775 LGA

System Slots 4 PCI

Memory Summary
Maximum Capacity 512 MBytes
Memory Slots 4
Error Correction None

Warning! Accuracy of DMI data cannot be guaranteed

=== CPU Info====
Property Value
Number of CPU(s) One Physical Processor / 2 Cores / 2 Logical Processors / 64 bits
CPU Full Name Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz
CPU Name Intel Pentium D 820
CPU Code Name SmithField
Platform Name Socket 775 LGA
Revision B0
Technology 90 nm
Instructions MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, ET64, XD
Original Clock 2800 MHz
Original System Clock 200 MHz
Original Multiplier 14.0
CPU Clock 2800 MHz
System Clock 200.0 MHz
FSB 800.1 MHz
Core 0 Speed 2800.2 MHz
Core 0 Multiplier 14.0
Core 1 Speed 2800.2 MHz
Core 1 Multiplier 14.0
L1 Data Cache 2 x 16 KBytes
L1 Trace Cache 2 x 12 Kuops
L2 Cache 2 x 1024 KBytes

Property Value
BIOS Vendor Intel Corp.
BIOS Version GC11020M.86A.1065.2006.0502.1638
BIOS Date 05/02/2006
BIOS Size 512 KB
BIOS Starting Segment F000h
DMI Version 2.4
Characteristics - supports PCI
- upgradeable (Flash) BIOS
- allows BIOS shadowing
- supports booting from CD-ROM
- supports selectable boot
- supports Enhanced Disk Drive specification
- supports INT 09 and 8042 keyboard services
- supports INT 14 serial services
- supports INT 17 printer services
- supports INT 10 CGA/Mono video services
- supports ACPI
- supports legacy USB
- supports booting from ATAPI ZIP drive
- BIOS Boot Specification supported
- Function key-initiated Network Service boot supported
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  1. Looks like dual channel memory. Use two sticks DDR2 533, here for example.
  2. Thanks for your help !!

    As I understand there is two slots in my motherboard. So Can I go with the below mentioned configuration
    1) One slot - 512 DDR2 RAM (RAM which is currently in use)
    2) Second slot - I will add my new 2GB DDR2 RAM

    In this way I will get 2.5 GB RAM. Can I go with this configuration and also let me know what should be the mhz I should buy for the 2GB RAM ?

    My Processor is Dual Core not Core 2 Duo
  3. Best answer
    I found your motherboard manual here. Pages 9 and 13 shows the RAM slots support 1 GB each, page 9 shows you can use 533/400MHz RAM modules. I would recommend you get 2 1GB 533MHz RAM modules, they are easier to find.
  4. Best answer selected by ranjithhk.
  5. Thanks for your help !! It has cleared my doubts

    Is there any workaround :kaola: beacuse in this case i have to remove my 512 Ram and then I have to add 2 1GB RAM. But I would like to have a 2GB and my 512 ram . Is it possible to increase my maximum memory limitation from 2 GB to 2.5 GB by installing drivers for my motherboard ?
  6. You're welcome. You have two DIMM slots, and Intel says each can only read 1 GB.

    If you want to take the chance that your board can really see 2 GB in the DIMM slots, you could buy 1 stick of the RAM in the links above, and 1 of these sticks. That would equal 3 GB of RAM.
  7. Hi
    this is kishore, one of my friend had same issue we tried, The board will not support 1 + 512 it can only support 1 + 1 in slot and it will not support stand olone 2 unit will not show display its an old board and calculation will only addup to 1 + 1
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