New CPU and HDD. Wireless keyboard makes POST freeze.

Today I bought an Athlon x2 5200 and a WD 320gb SATAII HDD; I installed it fine, but for some reason my wireless keyboard, which worked FINE, with my old CPU refuses to let the POST get to the memory test, let alone detect my SATAII. If I unplug it, the POST goes through fine. This is really strange, because this keyboard worked fine on my previous CPU. I reset the CMOS and still nothing. Also, I have an 80gb IDE that I want to use in conjuction with this new drive. It also freezes the POST. Its set on Master, which is probably the issue, but without a keyboard I cant do much.

Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: Took the jumper off my HD. Works fine now, but I got to windows and the INSTANT I connect my keyboard, it freezes. Its like this CPU hates this wireless keybaord or something ha ha.
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  1. lol i dont think amd hates logitech or whoever made ur keyboard... does the pc work ok when u connect a wired keyboard? if ur mobo has ps2 ports, does the pc work with a ps2 keyboard? are the batteries ok in the keyboard (not sure if this matters but im thorwing it out there)? also, what type and model mobo do u have?
  2. I tried with anotehr USB keyboard amde by dell and it still happens. Maybe PS/2 is the only way I can amke this work. I dont ahve a PS/2 keyboard though and if that doesnt work then...I dont even want to think about it.

    My mobo is an Asrock NF6P VSTA ALIVE.

    EDIT: Plugged in a USB MOUSE and it happens whether the keyboard is connected or not. Now Im starting to conclude that this will only work with a PS/2 keyboard and mouse.

    If I plug in my USb wireless adapter, it works fine, BUT if I plug in my wireless adapter and my logitech rumplepad 2 it freezes too. If I connect my rumblepad alone itll boot up just fine. This is the WEIRDEST problem Ive ever encountered.
  3. well old ps2 keyboards and mouseys arent too hard to find, just ask around, im sure a friend will have one u can borrow
  4. oh, besides, you can try using an adapter to connect a usb keyboard to the ps2 port, if u luv ur usb keyboard
  5. So...I refastened and cleaned out the memory banks and everything worked as usual. Thats what i get for being stubborn and thinking its not the ram. Time to enjoy some delicious dual core processing.
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