Im worried about my homebuilt systems temperatures!

im worried about my idle temps....are they too high?

65c for my OC gtx 260

and my q6700

48c on all cores.
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  1. They seem a little high, but the thing you should worry about is the load temps.

    What are your load temps?
  2. can u give me a name of a program to dl, that will test that?
    cuz im not quite sure how high they get !
  3. what are you using to measure temps?
  4. i am using Speedfan. V. 4.39
  5. or how bout just gimmie some high temps to look out for.

    Highest i ever seen my gpu hit was 81c, and that was during 3dmark
    and cpu cores hit 61c before.

    whats the melt down zone i should be worried about?

    thanks .
  6. My Phenom II 940 gets to 70+ during load so that's not too bad unless AMD has better Thermal tolerance than Intel.
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