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So I was having problems with my OC so I hit the clr CMOS button on my motherboard to get it back to default, forgetting that I had a raid array set up. When it booted up it didn't recognize the array. I went into the bios and set the "configure sata as " to raid. Still nothing. Is there any way to recover it? It was 2 WD black 2tb drives in a raid 0... I don't think it's possible but if someone knows a way I'd greatly appreciate it.
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  1. There are some options. Immediately disconnect and stop trying to use the drives. Make sure you have plenty of spare storage (at least 2x the amount of the original drive volume) Download R-Studio, . You can then hookup the hold drives, do a full drive image to the new storage and it will allow you to try to reassemble the array and read from it. Good Luck!!!
  2. I'll give that a shot. Thanks
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