2500k Overclock Voltage Fulctuations Normal?

Hi, I have noticed with my Overclock that my voltages are fluctuating, which is normal for the offset voltage and speedstep. The computer is stable. I am just wondering are these ranges safe as i have seen the occasional spike to the extreme voltages outlined below.

IDLE VCORE - 0.77 - 1.1v extremes, usually .888 - 1v

LOAD VCORE - 1.25 - 1.35v extremes, usually 1.28v

AI OC Tuner: Manual
BLCK: 100
Turbo: By all cores 45
Internal PLL Oervolt: Disabled
Memfreq: 1600MHz
EPU Power Saving: Disabled

Load Line Calibration: Medium
VRM: Manual @350
Phase Control: Extreme
Duty Control: Extreme
CPU Current: 100%

CPU Voltage 1.224 - 1.232
Offset Mode: + 0.03

DRAM: 1.5V
VCSSA: 0.925 [AUTO]
VCCIO: 1.056 -65 [AUTO]
CPU PLL: 1.793 [AUTO]
PCH Voltage: 1.05 [AUTO]
CPU Spread Spectrum: [AUTO]
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  1. Not to worry, those aren't extreme voltages.

    I believe (off the top of my head) Intel's max tested Vcore spec was like 1.52? You aren't getting anywhere near that and many people here have stable 24/7 overclocks at the mid 1.4's either due to their desire for very high overclocks, bad chips that require a lot of voltage to be stable, or just people that are lazy and use their MOBO's auto overclock tool which is liberal on the voltages.

    I personally run a 2500k at 4.6GHz with a fixed 1.325 Vcore 24/7, and after 8 hours of Prime95 and shorter runs of IBT I have no doubt it'll remain stable and safe.
  2. Cool thanks for the info, it's just the fact that the voltage spikes under load of gaming higher than that of IBT and Prime95 to 1.35 that i've seen, if only for a second.

    I am wondering why it does this.

    I believe it is the load line calibration and phase control doing it, but am wondering how high it is allowed to spike and how to calculate the maxium vcore it is allowed to use given my settings? and if it is possible to reign it in.

    Is this related to VDROOP or LLC?
  3. Bets source of info I found is here:

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