Nearly fried GPU or HW-monitor error?

I was watching some movies and playing fallout3 @ 1920x1080 for a few hours. Then I notice my HW monitor temperature read a max of 127'C! (260'F) O_o

I wasn't experiencing any artifacting or glitches at all. Also, the lowest min temperature it read was 31'C (81'F)...which I don't think is possible since the lowest GPU temp with fans at 100% was 48'C

So did my HW-monitor really screw up or did I nearly fry my GPU?
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  1. maybe it was HW monitor error. but you can use other software like Riva Tuner or EVGA Precision to check the GPU temp. give it a try :)
  2. I was using GPUZ at the time. Is there any way to check the logs?
  3. click on the sensor tab then check 'log to file' box. it will save the log in .txt file
  4. So the consensus is HW-monitor glitch?
  5. Before I assumed it was a glitch, I'd recommend trying to force the temperature increase again.

    Is there a time-log of gpu temps?
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