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High temp on 2500k

I just got my new system today.

Asrock z68 gen3
8 gig gskill ram 1.25 volt
128 gb SSD
Core i5 2500k
cooler master CPU cooler everyone reccomends :P

Anyways I ran prime95 and the temps instantly went up to 50 celcius on all cores, is this bad? It seems too high and I haven't even adjusted any settings. I might have messed up the set up on the heatsink. I just quite frustrated installing that nonsensical x contraption and removed the heatsink from the CPU several times while thermal paste was on it. Also the fan is point at my ram/drive bay. I figured that would be best in my case.
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    No that is normal because Prime95 is a stress test application and the pupose is to put the cpu through a series of iterations that will cause the cpu to run at maximun efficency and this will cause it to heat up. The fan on the heatsink should be pointed to blow air at the rear of the case. In removing the heatsink several times it's best to not get frustrated so you should make sure that the thermal paste is always properly applied , it is important.
  2. Alright, my fan is pointing at the front which I guess I should turn around. Also I wasn't too sure how to install the heastsink, it kept turning a little bit after I tightened (when I turned it by hand) and I could move it a little but it would not tighten any more. Is that normal?
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  4. Maybe I should not have had this question answered but how do I know if the 212 is seated properly? How do I know when the screws are tight enough?
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