HELP!!! Motherboard or CPU?

Hi there, this problem is driving me crazy to the fact that I have had to come here to ask for help as cant find any topics on it online. My computer worked fine one night and they next day wouldnt start, thinking it was a PSU problem I purchased a new PSU. However that did not fix my problem and it would still not boot. On unplugging my PSU I noticed my CPU fan and case fans all working again as soon as I unplugged the P7 connection. So trying this again I plugged in the power supply and attempted to boot the system however it would not boot at all, if the p7 is unplugged the mobo appears to have power as the fans start working again but no beeps or anything. As soon as I connect the P7 to the mobo everything turns off and seems to lose power. I am wondering whether this is a mobo problem or a CPU problem so trying to find out before I end up purchasing the wrong one. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I have tried so many things now, have just the basics plugged in but still nothing will boot only fans will spin but then they will only spin if I have not got the P7 plugged in. System quite old but has not been used for longer than a year is running a AMD 64X2 dual core 5400+.
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  1. I've never had a cpu fail unless the heatsink came off. Computer geeks and newegg have some low cost replacements, but if your system is by hp, compaq, or gateway, then you may lose access to your windows installation with a non oem replacement board. Hp boards are on ebay and a few in pricewatch. They start at around $75 including shipping.
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