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Is this temp safe?

I am overclocking my AMD II x4 965 to 4.0 ghz (from 3.4) with vcore @ 1.375 (stock is 1.325). I ran Intel Burn test for 20 tests and it said that it was successful and there were no problems. Now the temps I don't know if there too high or not. It stayed right around 61C and occasionally jumped to 64C. I was told the highest you want to go is 62C. Is this pushing it too much?

Also on a side note - I haven't tried a lower vcore I just went right to 1.375 (+0.5 from stock). I am nervous to put it lower and have it damage my CPU. Does that sound like a reasonable increase in vcore? (+3x multiplier of 200 mhz for +0.5 vcore?)
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    You need fix your cooler ! Your temp little high than max 60C but it's no damage just faster decrease lifetime cpu., for better get aftermarket cooler like hyper 212+, easy get 4ghz wiith cool temp.
  2. That's a little hot. It's not going to fry your CPU tomorrow, but as the above said, it's not good for it's life.

    I'd bring your overclock down a bit, or as the above said, get an aftermarket cooler like the 212. It decreased my temperatures by around 10-20 degrees, so it'd make your overclock easy.
  3. You could eventually run into stability issues at those temps so as the others said, either lower the voltage or frequency slightly or install a better HSF.
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