Samsung 206bw Flashing on and off

When i start my computer my samsung 206bw flashes on and off for about 10 minutes. While its flashing I can catch glimpses of my desktop. After the 10-15 minutes of flashing is up it works just like normal. I dont know if its warming up or what. Any help for a really frustrating problem would be great. Thanks

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  1. Check the monitor cable to see if it tight. How old is the monitor? I would try to attach the monitor to another computer, if possible. If it works that there is an an issue with the monitor. Then connect another monitor to you computer. The lamps that illuminate the screen can be failing. If it under warrantee try to RMA the monitor.
  2. It's caused by three bad capacitors. See the site for fixing it yourself.

    I just fixed mine last night. It works now like a new one.

    Purchase the three capacitors at
    (2) 1000uf 25v Radial 105oC Electrolytic Capacitor 2x$0.35 = $0.70
    (1) 470uf 25v Radial 105oC Electrolytic Capacitor 1x$0.20 = $0.20
    Shipping from Thailand (It only took about a week to reach St. Louis, MO) $4.00

    Buy a soldering gun from, it comes with a coil of solder
    Weller SP23LK Marksman 25 Watt Soldering Iron Kit = $14.55 w/ 7-years warranty
    Shipping is free if your total purchase is over $25 with other items you need on the Amazon.

    Therefore, your total cost is less than $20 USD. It will enable you to fix the problem once for all.

    I noticed that the soldering gun need to be switched with a flat head first, (it comes with in the package), in order to soften the existing solder to remove the old and blown-off capacitors. Then switch back to needle style head at soldering gun to weld the new capacitors in place.

    Please note that existing soldering is hard to be softened. You need to be patient to place the flat head soldering gun for a quite long time. The existing solder will be melted. At first I thought my gun is not hot enough to melt the old solder. So, be patient.
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