i got the ENGTS250 1G DARK KNIGHT Graphics card it is a PCi-E 2.0 but my old Graphic card was PCi-express will the dark kinght graphic card go in my pc
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  1. Yes.

    PCI-E 2.0 cards do work in original PCI-E slots. Technically the older slot could bottleneck your card, but I doubt you would notice any difference in performance.
  2. when i put it in there was a noise what dose that mean
  3. Was it the fan starting up? What kind of noise are we talking about?
  4. it was a beping nose
  5. Was the computer on when you plugged it in?

    The card should be fine in that slot though. Try it.

    I'm going to bed now so someone else help the man :D
  6. no all the power was off but the crad comes with some wires i dont konw where the should go or if i need 2 use them
  7. try re-insert the card.make sure the card are properly inserted and the 6 pin power connector are connected to the card. if the 6 pin power connector are not properly inserted you may unable to boot up your pc
  8. ok i give it a try now
  9. Yes i have heard of some graphics cards that will alert you if they dont have the pci power connectors plugged in.

    Like with my geforce 9800 Gt it will tell you if the pci connector is not plugged in.
  10. ya tyvm all i have it working now it was the wire lol
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