Direct x 10 (MAJOR PROBLEM)

Hi peepz! Im having a major issue with Direct x 10 and i would appreciate it if you helped.

(Before we get started my O/S is Windows Vista Home basic 64x)

Now on to the anoying part, Everytime i try and play a DX10 game, the game only picks up 9.0c, for example i booted up Killing Floor and stalker (clear sky) and they only picked up 9.0c, but when i run dxdiag Vista picks up DX10.

Ive also tried downloading DX10 from the DX download manager, when i try to d/l it, it says there is no further requirements to upgrade DX10.

Now ive ran all the games in admin mode, same thing.

I have also downloaded the latest forceware drivers from Nvideas homepage, no change what so ever, Crysis is running in DX 9 and i have no option in game to switch to 10.

This is REALLY anoying because i just put together a nice rig.

Hardware specs:

Motherboard UD5 Gigabyte i7
CPU: i7 920 2.66ghz (clocked @ 3.86ghz)
HDD: 1TB Samsung Spinpoint 32mb Cache
Ram: 6gb Viper DDR
PSU: 850w Corsair

I would really appreciate the help here guys, im a nub to toms hardware but PLEASE! HELP ME! :cry:
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  1. normally,alot of game who support DX10, got 2 .exe ... like yourgame.exe (DX9) and yourgameDX10.exe or something like that
  2. Hi
    try right click on game icon and select "Run in DX10 mode"

  3. I do not have that option when i right click any game icon, it's as if Direct X 10 doesnt exsist.
  4. Try perhaps to download some tech demo from nvidia like
    and see if you can run it
  5. what games you running ?
  6. D/ling now, hang on man.
  7. Im running Far cry 2, stalker clear sky, arma 2, killing floor and many other direct x 10 compatable games.
  8. Cascades runs, but, i don't know if its just me but it doesnt look like anything compared to the screenshots ive seen on the website you provided me, looks like alot of dynamic light and texures are missing.
  9. Im assuming that u had this issue from beginning...
    try to go with this procedure:
  10. vann said:
    Im assuming that u had this issue from beginning...
    try to go with this procedure:

    Thanks dude, im trying it now downloading EVGA after following instructions, ill let you know if it works :bounce:
  11. And....the problem still persists....
  12. I think its a fualty graphics card, the box was damaged in transit, ill just have to send it back, and wait for a replacement.....thanks anyway man :)
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