Upgrading 1066 to 1333

I currently have 9 gigs of 1066 ddr3 and was going to upgrade to 6 gigs of 1333 for O'Cing. Would this be worth it in the long run and i have a alienware computer which dell set up the O'Cing from 2.66 i7 to 3.2 but it does not allow without 1333 ram.
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  1. If you are gaming, the RAM speed it's self will not make a lot of difference.
    However, if using the faster RAM will allow you to overclock your processor from 2.6 to 3.2 ghz, that is a big difference, and you will notice quite a jump in performance.
    Now, for the amount of RAM, 9 gig down to 6 gig, no worries. Unless you are doing something completely off the wall, 6 gig is plenty of memory.
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