Best air cooling solution?...and overclocking advice please

Hello all. I have the Azza Solano 1000 case:

I had to take out the large side fan because once I added this Scythe cooler, there was no space for it anymore:

For the video card I have a GTX 470 and have just ordered a second one for an SLI setup. From the reviews I read, stacking these two cards next to each other immediately adds 10-15 degrees C to the cards making overclocking of the cards somewhat dangerous. I'm not sure I want to overclock the cards anyway but I am concerned about overall heating since I've pretty much filled my case (5 hard drives, 2 dvd burners, and 6 RAM dimms). Are there any creative ways to make sure my machine is as cool as possible without going the water cooling route? I don't have any empty fan slots...maybe they make fans that clamp somewhere in the case on a flexible arm? Or maybe there is some kind of active cooling/refrigerating device I can put inside the case?

Any ideas?

Second question:
I have the following motherboard and processor:
-- ASUS P6X58D-E motherboard:
-- Intel i7-980 processor:

I'm new to overclocking and don't want to mess anything up. Does anyone know if a guide exists for overclocking this particular combination? Also can anyone explain to me how to do a search in a particular subforum. All I see is the search button at the top of the page which searches all forums and all Tom's articles. Sorry if it's obvious and I'm just not seeing it...
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  1. You'll need one of the big tower coolers for your cpu.
    Thermalright,Noctua,and Prolimatech make products for cooling i7 9xx series cpu.
    Look at spending $80+ for the cooler.
    Antec makes a flexible spot cooler i'm not sure how much it would help your situation though it's not designed for gpu cooling.
    Depending on space and mobo layout many companies make effective aftermarket gpu coolers.
    Hope this gives you an idea of what's available for you.
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