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Succesfully Flashed 6950's to 6970's but no crossfire in CCC..Help

As topic says im not able to see crossfire in CCC.nor in GPU-z or msi burner

Things i have done so far..
clean uninstall of Drivers..
version tried 11.8,11.10 as read in forums that worked with 11.3 and even tried that also...
Did a fresh windows install but still not showing in CCC.I dont know what else to do?
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  1. When you say you do not see crossfire in CCC, what do you mean? Is it not enabled, or you don't see an option to enable it?

    A couple of things to check:
    1) Do you have a crossfire bridge installed on the cards?
    2) Does GPUz show a drop down where you can select between two cards.
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    Test vga one by one also at different slot pcie, if all working download latest GPU-Z
  3. thx for helping me guys but waiting so long i asked the question here
    and found the problem.
    i found out 2nd slot seems dead.system didn't boot.when i tried single vga on it..
  4. Send back your mobo to vendor
  5. Sorry to hear about your motherboard. Good luck getting it fixed.

    Please close the thread if you no longer need it.

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