How to add a fan to a mid-sized case?

Looking for advice on adding a 90mm fan to a mid-sized case with no induction fan, just the CPU, exhaust case, and exhaust PS ones. My CPU is in the mid-40C range, which I understand is okay for P-4, but I do notice my optical drives get hot sometimes.

Don't want to cut the case or block the vent on the cover over the CPU, but I do have an extra 90mm fan and see a power connection available.

Question: where should I position and point the fan, possibly using vent holes in the cover for screws or just using duct tape to anchor it somewhere inside? I see lots of room below the optical disks, even for keeping the fan vertical. Seems like I could face the fan toward the rear and get some benefit. bookburn
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  1. In your case, the best place to position the fan is wherever it has a good opportunity to draw in air from the outside. Many folks will mod the side of the case (ie, cut a hole) and install the fan blowing down at the vid card area. Some fans can be mounted on the outside of the case if clearance is a problem. This fan will pull cool air over the vid card, and provide a supply of air to be drawn past the cpu cooler and out the exhaust.

    You can use duct tape, scotch tape, wire ties, almost anything to temporarily rig a fan inside your case for testing. Once you are happy, double stick tape, velcro tape (remember heat melts glue), and wire ties can be used to hold it down securely.
  2. If I do cut the case, seems like in the bottom front would be best. That way air would be going from front to back and bottom to top, where the exhause fans are.

    Thanks, bookburn
  3. A 90mm fan does not move much air. A single good exhaust will be fine, just so long as the intakes are clear and your cabling is neat. Here is a fan which can fit into some 5 1/2" bays:

    What case do you have? Could you post some pics?
  4. Case is Sony Vaio VGC-RB, with D915GEV motherboard. I have the extra fan, the plug in to the power supply is right there, and I might try using some duct tape to position the fan in the front bottom and check the results with SpeedFan. Wouldn't take more than a minute. At least it wouldn't block the vent holes in the case. Haven't heard anyone say not to try it. bookburn
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