Asus 8800GT 512mb, no visuals!!

Well basically my brother has just sent me his old Asus 8800GT 512mb, and compared to my old Geforce 7500GT 256mb, i was excited. So i whacked it in, all cables connected, power supply cable connected to the card and the monitor cables connected. So i closed the chasis and switched on my pc. The result was nothing, i had no visual on my screen. Where my monitor's light normally shows green when everything is A-okay it showed orange which means its on standby or its not getting full power. Anyway i asked my bro and he told me it might be a problem with your card working with the motherboard, or maybe not enough power from your supply. So i came here to ask you people!

I have got a ASRock ALIVE-ESATA2-GLAN ATX AMD Motherboard, link:

recently added 4gb ram

Windows Vista premium 32bit (even with the 4bg it runs fine but i might take one of the sticks out and put two 512s in to make it 3072mb)

600w Super silent EZcool power supply.

So can someone help me please, thanks in advance...
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  1. Utorak said:
    600w Super silent EZcool power supply

    Those things are s**t.
  2. I don't care if they are "***". I'm not promoting my equipment you ignorant retard, i'm trying to get some help with a genuine problem. And your useless reply has just proven how useless you are.
  3. Good luck, you obviously know what you are doing and what the problem is so have fun with it.
  4. Why say my equipment is ***? I have no interest for expensive items as i cannot afford, so i simply "Make do". I was responding to your comment which had nothing to do with my query, so if you can help, i'd appreciate it.
  5. Utorak

    You won't get too far in this forum with that kind of attitude.

    Good Luck
  6. I'm an ignorant retard I'm unable to help you.
  7. Please, i was just really frustrated with it not working, and the first post i put up recieved a negative response, please help if you can...
  8. cool man. don't get mad. :)

    as your brother said the said may come from your psu. your previous card work with your motherboard so your motherboard can't be the cause. either the card is dead or your psu is not up to the task.
  9. Well thanks a lot, i'm going to have to try out one more thing and if it doesnt work, then i'm not sure. My psu hasn't got much to power though... It really doesnt make much sense to me... On output i have an external hardrive, inside i've got the 4gb, soundcard, 3 fans, hardrive (250gb) and a cd drive... Any ideas? Is it really sucking all that juice?
  10. Well its stil not working. I had a cable which distributed power. Didnt work. I tried using another monitor, didn't work either. I don't understand how it could be a power supply problem as i can see everyhing working inside. The cards fan is working fine so i have no idea now. Does a psu lose its power over time, my computer is nearly 3 years old now... Any ideas?
  11. usually the the most power hungry component inside a pc is graphic card. for high end card it is recommended to use a good quality psu with high efficiency output. by the way do you have another pc to try the card? if the same problem happen the the card might be the problem
  12. Hmm... Well the only other desktop in my house is a HP compact one that is old old. Its my roommates. SO i can't try it. But the thing is my brother has just bought a new one to replace this, and so he sent this to me. So it has been working fine for him. there is no damage on it from delivery to my place, and i was careful with static charge so i really am clueless. Thing is, i dont want to have to buy a psu only to find it still doesnt work... You know?
  13. yes i understand what you mean. that is why i'm asking you to check if the cards work with other pc. since your pc can't boot up when installing the card the we can't be really sure what is the real cause. do you have any friends with available pc to test the card?
  14. Nah not at the moment, i will do soon as they will all be travelling here to attend uni again. I guess i'll have to wait...
  15. The cheap, generic PSU's are becoming a real problem now that even semi-modern video cards are sucking up so much power.

    On the other hand, a 512 MB 8800GT only needs about 7 amps. So either you have a really crappy (sorry) power supply or there is something else wrong.

    Does the video card have it's own power connector on it? If so, is the PCI-e power connector plugged it?
  16. Yeah, it does, and it is plugged in. I just read the manual for the card and i forgot to uninstall the previous drivers. So i've given that a go. But no luck... I might of done it wrong? I went to system, device managers, display adapters and clicked uninstall and restarted. Nothing happenned when i restarted it with the new card. I even disabled it and now i will re-enable it... This is so frustrating.
  17. GeForce 8800 GT (512 MB) 42.0w - 64w idle, 111.2w - 115w load @9.3A
  18. It can't be a psu problem then... Because im writing this on my computer using my 7950GT. And when i put the 8800GT there is power going to the card through the power supply cable connected to the card. But maybe it is also the fact that the quality of my power supply after having nearly 3 years of use, has deterhiated, maybe not enough to power the card...?
  19. GeForce 7950 GT (512 MB) 28.8w idle 65.1w load 5.4A
  20. So should i try purchasing a new power supply? Or is there anything else i can possibly try? I have a small budget btw.

    Im out for tonight thanks a lot.
  21. Take the card to a PC store and ask them to test it for you, if it works then buy a PSU from them.

    ALTHO these are the 9800gt specs they are the same as the 8800gt,check it out,all are the same ,if not O'Clocked..Seems that BFG is talking 26amp???..:)
  23. dokk2 said:

    ALTHO these are the 9800gt specs they are the same as the 8800gt,check it out,all are the same ,if not O'Clocked..Seems that BFG is talking 26amp???..:)

    That's for the entire system.

    400W PCI Express®-compliant system power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 26A or more (Minimum system power requirement based on a PC configured with an Intel Core®2 Extreme X6800 processor)
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