I52500k z68 extreme3 gen3 OC

I have overclocked my last two computers, I am somewhat familiar with the process but this mobo and bios is all new to me. I was reading some guides that reccomend turning off or on certain settings and that come with warnings about certain settings but to possibly maybe ignore certain settings on certain mobos because it might cause damage. I am not dealing with that guessing ***, is there a guide anywhere of how to overclock with this specific mobo? I know a lot of people use this mobo but what settings are optimal? I can only find other mobos with different terminology.
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  1. Wondering same thing.
  2. Internal PLL Overvoltage: Enable
    Turbo Boost Power Limit: Manual
    Set Short Duration Power Limit: 200
    Set Long Duration Power Limit: 200
    Set Long Duration Maintain: 56
    Core Current Limit: 200
    Spread Spectrum: Disable
    CPU Load Line Calibration: Level 1

    This is really all you have to change for a decent OC. Although you can have the llc level higher, I'm at 46 multi, llc level 4 with an offset of -.02v for vcore.
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