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I am about to buy a new machine, Core i5 750 based(skt 1156).
For now I just want to play old games, like World of Warcraft.
My question is if there's some good MBs (price around $200 or $250) that would allow me to play that game with the integrated graphics, and in the future, like 5 or 6 months, upgrade it, buying some decent graphic cards in crossfire without changing the MB.
Thank you.
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  1. Onboard video is not available unless you buy a server motherboard (not recommended for your requirements). Why not buy a cheap or a used PCI-e video card?
  2. AFAIK there are no P55 motherboards that have an integrated graphics...
    The only way to get the integrated graphics on the 1156 socket is to get a H55 chipset and plug a core i5 or i3 (except the 750).
  3. So i need to buy a cheap graphic card. My point is - the money ill spend on it will be wasted has soon as i buy the crosfire set in the future, but since there is no other way...
    Thanks for the tips ;)
  4. Buy something like a Radeon 4350:

    Edit: you could also buy a better video card now and then buy a second identical one when you want/need to setup Crossfire.
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