Vantec NexStar NST-D400S3

Divice Support:SATA I/II
SATA II Transfer rates 3 Gbps
USB 3.0 Transfer rates 5 Gbps

SATA III Transfer rates 6 Gbps

So my question for you fine people is.Has anyone of you noticed the speed of SATA III run on this divice.

And if anyone knows Dualdock for SATA III support with USB 3.0.Please let us know.I cant be the only one with the need of speed.
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  1. Modern hard drive are bottlenecked by USB 2.0, but not by SATA II. No modern hard drive has transfer rates that get anywhere near the 3Gbit/sec speed of SATA II, so there's no need to have a SATA III HDD dock. A USB 3.0 dock does make a lot of sense, though.
  2. Hello,
    I agree with the need for a USB 3 connection to get speed out of a removable drive system.

    My internal SATA II's avg ~100 MB/s, thats say 800 Mb/s.
    The SATA II max is theoretically 2400 Mb/s, and the USB 3.0 theoretically at 4800 Mb/s, but they never pan out to run at those speeds, possibly half as fast.

    May be old fashioned, but I'm not 100% comfortable just sticking a couple HDDs vertically in an open non structured slot and letting them sit on their connector plastic connectors. Especially if there is any "vibration" from the individual drives.
  3. I agree on the speeds for Sata II and USB 3.0.See the idea is to have all your storege out of the box powered down when your not using it.My PC is on 24h 365 days a year and last thing you need is to burn your drives out plus they protected from unwhanted staff you could get from the net.And there is the power bill as well.Sata II is on its way out replaced by SSD's and SATA III's.So that in mind,I don't buy Sata II's.

    Original Question was to find out the speed SATA III runs on this dock.If it's dominated by the speed of Sata II or in limits of Sata III and USB 3.0.

    Makes no difference if HDD is vertically or horisontally.You look at some new cases how they place drives on hotswapbays to ect.I've used docking for a long time without any worry since I almoust burnt my case full of HDD's.If you do have a box full of drives it could be worth looking into it.There is another way,Lian li has a front power panel that would do the same.Not for me,I've got too many of the buggers to fit in the box and storage robots are too expencive.
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