Explorer Crashes on MPEG2 files


If I go into Windows Explorer and right click on a mpeg2 file to get properties, rename or copy or anything else, Explorer crashes. I can play mpeg2 files in Media Player 11 but sometime during the playback or at the end I get a hard error then Explorer crashes. I have Nero Showtime installed on my computer and it plays mpeg2 files with no problem.

Any ideas what to do to stop this?

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  1. I had a same prob .
    What actually worked for me was this:

    open regedit
    (make a backup, just in case) on the menu, choose file > export. (this creates an undo file that you can put back by double-clicking the undo file)

    Navigate to: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.mpg
    click the entry named shellex

    Delete the entry named shellex (right-click, delete)
    * problem fixed *

    Warning: in general, deleting stuff from the registry (especially if you don't know what you are doing) is a simple & quick way of TOTALLY WRECKING your computer. So, go slow. Deleting stuff from the registry usually makes things worse instead of making things better. However, in this situation, it actually helped without trashing my stuff. Please be careful!!!!
  2. Thanks!!

    That works for most of it.

    Windows Media Player still crashes when playing a MPEG2 but it doesn't bring down explorer and clear then reload my desktop like it did before.
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