First Watercooling Setup in a Corsair 600T

I'm getting a new case soon, since my Raven RV01 broke on me first week of use. ( )
I've pretty much decided on a Corsair 600T (Open to options however) and I want to get my feet wet in watercooling.

I've researched on Corsair's self-contained setups for CPUs and I think they look cool with good performance.
However, I've seen and researched about the watercooling setup offered by XSPC, to be more specific, the XSPC Rasa 750 RS240. I'm having an extremely hard time deciding between them, and I want some input from you smart peoples at tom's hardware.

If you can, please answer these questions too.

If the H100:
1) Will it be possible for me to use a push/pull setup?
2) What are the temperatures I should expect?

If the Rasa:
1) Will it be possible for a push/pull setup?
2) What are the temperatures I should expect?
3) What watercooling fluid should I use?
4) Provide a link so I can figure out how to setup a watercooling setup?

Throw a thread up in Overclocking section, there a W/c hideout over there :)
I'll answer some of your queries here though,
No idea of exact numbers depends if your clocking or not, decent enough ones though
if you go real water, no coloured/premix fluids, distilled water and silver killcoils are sufficient (unless you are up for cleaning out your loop every few months?
you can just buy uv blue tubing instead and relax
The RX series is better, thicker rads cool better
and once you post over that side, we'll draw you up a loop plan
what components are you intending on cooling?
overclocking? if so, how much?
See you on the wetside :)

I plan to overclock to around 4.3-4.8 GHZ. So I should just stick with silver killcoils and water? What's a good company, Feser? Does UV tubing have the same effect as dyes and etc? I've seen the RX series, I'm not sure if it'll fit in the 600t.

Thanks a lot!

My specifications:
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500k
HSF: Hyper 212+ (For now)
GPU: XFX Radeon 6850
Mobo: Asus P8Z68 V Pro
RAM: G-Skill Ripjaws 4GB (2x2) (Upgrading to Vengeances later)
Power Supply: Corsair HX 750

Thanks to Motopsychojdn for directing me here!
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    Couple of ideas there for you :)
    if your going that high then you definitely dont want the Rs240,
    Killcoils and distilled are the preferred longterm solution, killcoils keep algae from growing (The Uv lighting you have planned will also help with that a bit, UV kills bacteria)
    coloured tubing is preferred to dyes or premix because they tend to break down, gunking up your loop, which then requires a strip and clean
    Those last three links are stolen directly from rubix_1011's signature btw, if he drops in here your laughing :P
  2. Damn, I forgot to mention, my budget is around 150$, I'll go a bit higher and lower, but I don't really want to go into the 200's range.
  3. The Rasa 240 would do you for a Cpu only loop then, but I'd be surprised if it will handle such an ambitous O/c,
    maybe tone down your GHz plans a bit until you can afford a more suitable radiator?
  4. I'll probably stick with the 240, then when its time, I'll buy extra Rads for extra cooling power, but for now I just want to get my feet wet and see whats so awesome about watercooling.

    But before I make any hasty decisions, I want to hear from the people here. :p
  5. If your budget is that low then it would be a good thing to just get you feet wet and see what a basic water cooling setup will do ;

    This would be a good start for you. Just so you iknow water cooling can be addictive and expensive so it might be a good idea to be content with water cooling just the cpu.
  6. H100 is pretty much junk, especially in comparison with the Rasa kit only starting at $10 more in price. The pump on the H100 is very weak, and the flow is pretty poor as a result. However, they offer the user to say they use 'liquid cooling' without really knowing anything about what they installed.
  7. Really? Is the H100 really that weak? Interesting. Will the Rasa yield much more improvements in temperatures?
  8. The pump has dismal flow poor that Corsair doesn't even list it on their product pages...similar to the H50/H60/H70 etc. In contrast, almost every other water cooling kit or pump lists the pump flow rate and head pressure as part of the unit specs. You are going to want something over 700 liters/hr, which usually translates to at least decent head pressure- the ability for a pump to push a single column of water straight up, vertical.

    The Rasa kit pump/res is decent, but better can be had. It's very good for beginners as an entry level kit. You can easily run the CPU loop (as the Rasa kit is designed) as well as a GPU block and even an additional radiator. If you are going to go more than that, I recommend starting out building a loop with a better loop.
  9. Alright, My decision is pretty much set. Is there any place I could get the Rasa for cheap/on sale? Also.. Some of these: Kill Coils, UV tubing, Maybe some fluid? ( Feser Bi-Distilled as recommended by Motopsychojdn?)

    Speaking of fluid, do you recommend anything? :p
  10. Pump, a loop with a better pump :P
    the x20 Rasa one is allegedly 750lph, and iirc 1.8m head
    Aye, I remembered right hehe
    @Op, I never recommended feser goo lol, I said killcoil and distilled water :P
  11. Oops. Referring to a review I saw. But anyway, recommended things to buy please? :pt1cable:
    could be worth keeping an eye on :P
    theres another on there now for $54 buyout so cheaper than that is a win in my eyes
  13. ^That's just a CPU...he still needs the rest of the loop. :)

    Rasa kits...not sure I've seen any sales on them; prices have been pretty much the same for a while.

    And stay away from coolants...Feser One is one of the worst ones as it's notably caused a lot of gunked up blocks.
  14. Should I just stick with Bi-Distilled with a few Kill Coils?
  15. Aye, but the saving on a block there is hard to ignore you must admit, more pennies for other shinies :)
    again, yes, plain distilled water (H20cleano) and a killcoil or two,
  16. Oh, now I see why you posted those. Hmm... Possibly only 60$ for a good WC setup. :D Nice.
  17. I was saying that even if you get that one for say $30, its still $20 cheaper, which is $20 that can be applied to other things on the loop :P
  18. Hmm, this leads me to another question, should I just build my own WC setup, or buy the Rasa?
  19. You just asked the million dollar question that only you can answer. :)
  20. RASA it is. :P Thanks for your help guys, I really appreciate it.
  21. Hehe, glad to help man,
    but Rubix and I know that your descent into madness is just beginning, in 5 months time you'll be posting some custom behemoth loop you just built that runs through your neighbours swimming pool (cause itsa drop temps 9'c :P)
    have fun man and pics when your done :)
  22. I have a few aquariums in my basement... Ideas..... Hehehe.

    Oh, and, what fluid should I use? Feser's distilled water? And if so, should I use Anti-Corro with it?
  23. Regular distilled from the pharmacy will do,
    throw in a killcoil or two and maybe a few drops of biocide like PT Nuke if you really want to,
    however the silver killcoil and UV light should be enough to prevent algae growth
  24. Could I use the RO/DI system I use for my Saltwater Tank for the coolant? Do I need a Anti-Corro formula also? Will be buying once my refund of the RV01 comes in. :D
  25. You wont need anti corrosion stuff if you just use the rasa kit, its when you mix metals that you encounter problems with that
    And I'm not sure what the RO/DI is, cant check atm cause on mobile at work :-)
  26. Its basically what they use to make Distilled water. Alright, so I all need to do is buy some UV tubing. Wonder what will go good with the black and white of the Corsair 600t.
  27. Cool, I'd use that then if you can make your own I totally approve :-)
    If the case is mostly black, white lines look awesome :-)
  28. Swimming pool you say? Hmmm...
  29. Motopsychojdn said:
    Cool, I'd use that then if you can make your own I totally approve :-)
    If the case is mostly black, white lines look awesome :-)

    Its the Corsair 600T SE White. I think white tubing would look pretty good in it, but I won't get the pretty glowing effects :(

    RV01, please be refunded soon so I can start my first watercooling build. :D
  30. The H100 system is excellent! See: "Corsair H100 install in 600T case"
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