Which cooler to choice with DDR2 Dominator Ram


Im going to buy a new Fan for my Q9550 so i can OC to 3.8Ghz..

I came up with this 3 Coolers which seems to be the best in market for OC ... but i have a little problem, its my DDR2 Dominator .. they'r very tall and the ‎Noctua NH-D14 Wont fit ..

So i have 2 left :
‎Noctua NH-C14
Thermaltake Frio OCK

And please be sure that it will fit .. because i didnt find any source or something after looking for 2 hours ..
Notice that if the NH-C14 will fit .. i will get it instead of the thermaltake ..

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  1. Dominator DDR2 ram isn't compatible unless it has the removable fins. with D-14.
    NH-C14 should work.
    You are good lol! searched for 2 hours without checking Noctua site.
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