2600k and GTX 580 temps?

I have my 2600k running prime95 for four hours stable and am now starting up an IBT run but the temps seem a bit high to me. Cores 2 and 3 peaked at 79C while cores 1 and 4 peaked at 72C. I don't expect the temps to be that high during normal gaming though.

I'm using a PNY liquid cooled GTX 580 with the CPU on the loop: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814133398.

What temps should I be worried about seeing under prime95 or IBT load? What temps should I be worried about seeing under normal gaming load?

Also, what temps should I be trying to stay under for gaming load on the GTX 580?

Finally, the fans that came with this card seem to only run at 1350RPM. Should I get some faster fans to put on both sides of this radiator?
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  1. Reseated the cpu block and applied new TIM and there's no change.
  2. Oh yeah I'm running at 1.36v also. Think that's fine for the CPU to last?
  3. Hi Alatar.

    79C is pretty normal for IBT. It is designed to heat up your CPU. You won't see anything near that in games. If you are nervous, try gaming for an hour or so and seeing what your temps look like.

    1.36v is a pretty mild voltage. Very safe.

    As for the GTX 580, I think the thermal ceiling is around 100C, but you don't want to be gaming at 100C. Usually when I check for temps, I will use Furmark.

    I am ok with up to 90C in furmark, because (like IBT) it is designed to heat your GPU. If i get to the high 80s or around 90, I don't see temps anywhere near that in games. (high 60s-mid 70s) But that is my preference.
  4. I've used furmark in the past but I get really low framerates for some reason and it doesn't want to push my gpu (says 99% utilization but I'm not sure I believe it). Quick google search seems to indicate this has something to do with nvidia putting limiters that detect when furmark is running on the card. Either way yeah running furmark doesn't bring my gpu temp above like 45 degrees lol. Running metro 2033 pushes it higher than that but I'm still not seeing higher than 50. Have any other suggestions for GPU burn-in software?

    Thanks for the response!
  5. What are your settings for Furmark? And what are you considering "low framerates?"

    Furmark is designed to be intense. If you run the extreme burn test at 1920x1080, don't expect 60FPS, or even 30FPS. You might get 30, because you have a good GPU (580)

    It is strange that your temps would only be around 45 though.

    MSI Kombustor is another stress test, or OCCT. Try those and see what you get.
  6. Running furmark 1.9.1, 1920x1200, no aa, dynamic background, burn-in, xtreme burn-in, /gtx500ocp (which I thought was supposed to remove the protections). Hitting the burn-in test button and letting it run for 10 minutes gives me 5 FPS sustained with a max temp of 45C.

    Same deal with kombustor since it's just repackaged furmark. I'll try OCCT.
  7. OCCT infinite, 1024x768 @ 60hz, windowed, optimal (8) shader complexity, error checking on. 52FPS and temp doesn't go above 45C. Won't run fullscreen presumably because I'm running 2 monitors.
  8. Yeah disabled the second monitor and it loaded fullscreen at 1920x1200 with otherwise same settings. Same fps and temperature. OCCT must also be affected by the limiter on the card.
  9. Ran 3dmark11 extreme preset getting a score of 2307. Temp on the GPU still wouldn't go over 50. That doesn't really surprise me though considering I only have the core/shader/memory at 857/1714/2106 @1.138v.

    I just want something that can push it more than what the most demanding games would do to it to make sure I'm safe after pushing it further...but they decided to kill furmark and OCCT on the gtx 580 because people were killing their cards with them apparently.
  10. It could just be that you aren't overclocking yet, and your GPU is water cooled.

    Try bumping up your clock speed/voltage and see what kinds of temps you get then.

    Could just be that you have an awesome cooler :)
  11. Yeah I don't expect to be pushing 90C or something without overclocking above the factory settings. I just want to get a program that gives me consistent results so I can know my baseline before I start overclocking. I don't want to overclock it really high based on my 3dmark11 extreme benchmark temps then end up in some game having the card go over those temps.
  12. I don't have comparable specs, but.... I had hot CPU after overclocking, reached up to 65C... so I vacuumed, cleaned the case, dusted all components.

    Q9400 2.66 overclocked to 3.4, with Zalman 9700 air cooler:
    CPU temperature reach 45-50C in 1 hour of prime95. Cores 56/53/53/55.

    GTX570 732mhz no overclock:
    reach 48C playing crysis/bf2bc2/3dmark11. Average around 45C. Made a fan profile that bumps it to 60% fan speed as soon as temperature goes over 40, and with 60% fan it holds the temperature at less than 50.

    "Medium" on all case fans in Antec 900.
  13. I don't have an nVidia card myself, but I know AMD puts a power saver on the card in the drives by default that throttles the card to decrease power use. You can remove it by going into the driver control program that comes with the AMD drivers.

    Does nVidia do something similar that could be affecting your card?
  14. Don't see anything like that in the control panel. Anyone know if there's a way to disable the limiter on new nvidia cards?
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