Photo editing on Atom + ION


Do you have any Intel Atom ION PC (package like Asrock, Prestigio or own biuld PC with Zotac board) and tested one of following applications:
- Canon Digital Photo Professional
- Adobe Lightroom
- Adobe Photoshop
- Zoner Photo Studio
-other photo or RAW editor

If yes, what was the performance? Is is usable?
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  1. lol... its possible, usable not so much... the atom just isnt made for hardcore processing power... anyone can tell you that... even the dualcored ones are beat to pulp by any decent cpu probably even a sempron... if you dont have a need for time and dont mind setting your atom to putting a new filter on a photo while you go play a round of tenis with a friend 50miles away... but if you need it on the fly... not the best choise... =) great for HD movies and stuff, forget anything that has a need for lots of processing modjo....
  2. That's a pity.

    My first idea was to replace my old big, loud, power consuming P4 2,8 GHz with small, green, quiet case for living room (I've chosen new Asrock 330 directly with remote controller) that will cover all my needs that are music and video playback (MP3, CD, DVD, BD, DivX) + browsing + photo editing + easy operation via remote controller. I do not need it for any other purpose (for games I have XBOX, for serious work I have company NTB).

    If not Atom + ION, then what do you recommend me to take or build?
  3. Assuming those programs use multithreading and/or use the GPU to accelerate rendering, a dual-core Atom should be at least as fast as the P4.

    However, you might want to look at some of the other low power CPUs that are available these days; maybe underclocking the cheapest i5 or one of the low-end Athlon x4 or Phenom II chips would get you good performance without much power and heat.
  4. Quote:

    My first idea was to replace my old big, loud, power consuming P4 2,8 GHz with small, green, quiet case for living room


    I personally don't care much for saving power, but I do care about performance. I value my time waiting compared to what I pay for the energy. Besides, a current gen 65-90W C2Ds,i5s,Phenom IIs are MUCH better/faster than the older 3.6Ghz+ P4s.

    Depending on what you do expect Photoshop CS4 to lagg like hell when editing large RAW images on an Atom, even a Dual Core Atom.

    My recommendations:
    Phenom II X4/X3 or Athalon II
    AM2+ (with AM3 CPU support) or a AM3 motherboard
    4GB DDR2 or DDR3 depending on board
    ATI 4350 if not gaming
    WD 640GB Black or Samsung F3
    A Corsair 400CX or other quality PSU
  5. I don't understand the OP. You seem to have an idea of which apps you want to use and most of those apps are happy to use all available CPU cores you can throw at it. You would benefit most from the old LGA 775 quad cores Q9400 and faster and if you have the cash you can save more time with the Core i7 or i5 series.

    Unless you just like waiting, then I would not consider the Atom.
  6. I run Photoshop 7 on a Pentium E2200, and even that lags when messing around with 1MB bitmap file for fun. If you really need to run Photoshop, I wouldn't go lower than a quad core, either a Phenom II or any Intel Q9X00 quad and higher.
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