12 x 120mm fans, using PWM Y, Splitter to a PWM moatherboard

Hi guys i need your help, opinions, and recommendation. Its my first extreme watercooling build. I have 12 x 12PL Gelidsolutions fans it comes in with a 4pin male PWM header. I will be using it with 2 x Black Ice SR1 360 Rads in push and pull air flow configuration.

I was thinking of using these:

3 x 4-pin PWM (one with RPM feedback for motherboard) and PWM Y cable

Looking like this...

1 - my main concern is damaging my motherboard if im gonna be using it for 24/7
2 - will i be able automatically control the fans RPM in mb bios with my cpu/gpu temperature configuration adjustment set up?
3 - i was also considering using Koolance TMS-205 Software Thermal Interface Controller plus TMS-EB205 Expansion but cost too much...and board comes with 3pin fans connector and a board limit of 6.5A. Although i will be able to control my Pumps Settings & so much much more hmm
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  1. Thanks...
  2. Nope, all those fans on those splitters like that is bad, what you do is split the rad into three, and each pair of fans on one section go onto one splitter,
    this gives you three cables to go to a fancontroller per rad, and each fan will be able to run at full power if needs be, which trust me it never will be needed, and you decide if they are on,off or somewhere inbetween but you will learn the sweet spot both for cooling performance and for silence, even if the mobo could handle all those signals, its going to get confused and screw up your fanspeeds, you want extreme cooling then you choose to keep control over as much as you possibly can, thats what helps set you apart in the end hehe :-)
    google my radbox for a similar setup to what you have planned thats been running about four years now :-)
    On phone or I'd link for you mate
  3. Lol, just seen the date on your post, if you built it its been running nearly as long as mine :-)
    Sorry to Mods for necro....
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