EVGA 790i ultra and two 6950's in crossfire?

Looking for some compatibility help. I have an old set up, built about three years ago (whenever the day the gtx 280 came out). I am beginning to replace parts for the BG3 launch. I would like to get two new 2gb gpu's. I run a 30" monitor with 2560x1600 native resolution.

I am looking at a 2gb EVGA 560 ti and also some of the 2gb 6950's. I am getting varying information about whether or not I can run two 6950's in crossfire on my 790i ultra. Namely, EVGA tech support is telling me I should be able to. Most of the posts I'm reading that say it can't be done are from 2008, so I'm wondering if there have been patches etc. that might have changed that.

Any info here would be helpful. I need to make a purchase asap.

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  1. EVGA has verified twice this is not an issue, so I purchased two 2gb Sapphire Toxic 6950's. If I can, I'll close this. Thanks guys.
  2. big thing is the power supply unit. You might need one the is amd and nvidia certified.
  3. I have a 1000W zalman that others think ought to cover the two 6950's.
  4. ATX 12volt version 2.3 and EPS version 2.91 and backward compadible is the type of power supply unit your gonna need because the board is older, but I don't think it is that old I don't know?
    So find out what version your two eight pin plug in's need on your mainboard by doing some research. Then find out what type probably version 2.3 for the graphic's cards considering they are new. Then double check your power supply on the side label if it meets both of those requirements.
    Make sure you check that as it could damage your components if the power supply doesn't suffice.
  5. sorry I meant to say one is it eight pin plug in on your mainboard?!
  6. Long story short, after being told four times from EVGA that I could run crossfire on my board, I purchased the cards and couldn't get crossfire to work, at which time, EVGA told me crossfire doesn't work on my board. After a week of constantly e-mailing tech support, a manager finally called me...to tell me crossfire doesn't work on my board. They simply left me hanging with two amd gpu's...$600...and no way to use them after the specifically, repeatedly told they would work for sure. EVGA will not be getting my money in the future. Paid to RMA both heavy graphics cards back to newegg.com (who saved my computing life!) and ordered two new nvidia gpu's from MSI.
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