USB drives disappear at certain times of day!

Hello, I searched for anything like this but found nothing.
I have what seems to be a very peculiar problem.

2008 Server, GA-8S661FXMP-RZ motherboard.

I have two external USB hard drives. I've connected them both through a powered hub and directly to the motherboard USB sockets - makes no difference.

Here is what is happening: during the day, I will login via Remote Desktop, and see that both of the external drives have disappeared (their drive letters are gone, and they do not show up in Disk Management). At about 6 PM if I logon again, they've reappeared.

This happens like clockwork (no pun intended), daily. Every day, they're gone, every evening, they're back.

The only thing I can think of is that somehow the circuitry for the USB port is somehow interacting with the motherboard's time-of-day clock (do they even have such a thing?).

But this is an extremely wild guess - I really don't have a clue why this is happening. But it is completely consistent!

Any ideas?

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  1. I think it has more something to do with maybe a usb sleep feature, but thats just wild guess also. Maybe look through the bios and look for sleep feature for usb ports.
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