Obtained P5118 3DMark with minor graphics update and overclocking...

...but wonder where I should put a little money or overclocking to obtain even better performance "short term" for the next year before upgrading everything. I'm trying to extend the life of this box

BF3, ARMA2, Portal2, Half Life 2, Blender, encoding, programming.

http://3dmark.com/3dm11/2055352 - 5118 score, up from 4300 before overclocking the CPU from 3.0 to 3.4.

Intel Core 2 Q9400 running at 3.4 GHz nice and stable with 55C peak temps at 1.32V, 100mhz PCI bus, 425 MHz FSB.
4GB 1066Mhz PC-8500
80GB Intel SSD
Evga GTX 570 stock clock.
P55 mobo.
750W juice

Main problem is that ARMA2 still can't run Ultra without mouse input lag and sluggish crosshair movement.
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  1. Tried bumping the GTX 570 clock a little, and it yielded really no results. 0.3-1.5 FPS in 3Dmark, 70 points bump in the score.
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