GMA785GM-US2H Sata Raid/Ahci driver problems.

I am currently working on my first build.

GA-MA785GM-US2H - motherboard
WD10EADS- harddrive
Ultra ATX 750 - PS
AMD Phenom II Black Edition X2 550 Processor
Viper PC2-6400 DDR2 800mhz 4gb - Ram

The problem im having is that i cant see my hardrive even after selecting the driver. i have triple checked to make sure i have the right one but still nothing. I can see my HD in Bios but when i go to install my OS i cant see it.

Please help me.
P.S Tech support for Gigabyte stinks.
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  1. If the BIOS can see your HDD and Windows can't, then you need the SATA/AHCI drivers from Gigabytes website. You can find the necessary drivers at the link below, or they should be on the MOBO Cd/DVD.

    This link is for Win 7 which is what I presume you're running. Put them on a floppy disk or a USB key and do the F6 procedure during setup to load the third party drivers.
  2. Everything you described in your post i have already done and still i cant see the HD. i could realy use some help here. im all out of options at this point.
  3. In your OP, you state: The problem im having is that i cant see my hardrive even after selecting the driver.

    Several questions,

    1> What driver are you selecting, per the above question? You shouldn't need anything but the SATA or the AHCI drivers for your MOBO.

    It has to be a driver issue. The BIOS sees the drive, Windows does not = driver problem. Since you've already tried loading the SATA/AHCI from Gigabyte's website, then I would have to believe that the executable didn't work properly, and didn't load the Windows driver for your chipset. When you did try to load the driver, what did the system say regarding the hardware identification?

    Ohhh... There's a version 1.0 and 1.1 for your MOBO, but both driver files are the same version and date.

    See the ORANGE GA-MA785-GM - US2H....right below it says other version, rev 1.1 (in blue).
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