Can't find fsb spread spectrum option in bios menu.

I can't find fsb spread spectrum option in bios menu.
I have AMIBIOS Hiflex setup utility version 1.5 1.54SIS M848A motherboard and Amd athlon xp 2400 CPU
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  1. Ok so i can't play an online game because i need the fsb spread spectrum disabled
    And i cant find that option so i did a little research and I want to know what settings must i make in the following picture so that it matches as the fsb spread spectrum was disabled.

    My options that can be found there at Advanced Chipset Setup are:
    Detect CPU Frequency (Auto)
    Current Frequency (133 MHz)
    Auto Detect DRAM Frequency (Enabled)
    CPU/DRAM Clock Ratio ([1:1])
    DRAM Frequency (133 MHz)
    Auto Detect DIMM/PCI Clk (Enabled)
    Clock Spread Spectrum Enable (Enabled)
    On Board LAN (Enabled)
    LAN Boot ROM Support (Disabled)
    BIOS Write Protect (Disabled)
    Fast Synchronizer (Disabled)
    DRAM Timing Configuration (Normal Mode)
    Graphic Win Size (128M)
    IO APIC Support (Enable)
    DDR CAS to Latency (SPD)
    AGP Fast Write (Disabled)
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