Upgrading my Asus P5K.

Hi guys!

I have an old computer, I think its 4 years old.

The Motherboard is an Old Asus P5k, and its CPU is the Q6600.

I've recently done upgrading to it, I currently have a GX 750W Cooler Master on there, and just recently purchased A new Sapphire HD 6870 1 GB card.

Games run fine... but sometimes my fps drop.

Is this due to my old Mobo and processor bottle necking my card?

Anyways I'm planning to buy a new Mobo and CPU.

What board or Cpu do you recommend for gaming? I want a MOBO that can take my video card run to its full potential.

I'm a bit new to the computer technical stuff, If I do install a new mobo will I need a fresh install of windows? Do I just open the case put the MOBO and CPU and things will be fine or?

Thanks guys!

I'm just curious as well will I see much difference in performance by switching Mobo's?
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  1. Yes the processor could be the bottleneck but when I had a lga775 mainboard I had a q9650 processor with two gtx295 graphic cards and it was bottlenecked!?.
    I would spend about 700dollers on a new intel sandy bridge 2600k gigabyte lga1155 mainboard combo or go with the amd phenom 1060T processor and gigabyte am3 type mainboard combo for about 200 less. The 6870 Sappire is not such a graphic powerhouse that you should need anything else then an amd to run the bottle neck out of the brunt of the graphic card power. To answer your question about the windows install. Yes you will need to install a fresh set of windows but you can always access low level information off the old hard drives or back the info up onto jump drives then use the old hard drives in your new system!
    to answer your last question: as far as the install of all the computer parts are concerned either use reverse engineering(by looking at how your old system was put together). Or look online for various video tutorials on how to put together a computer processing unit.
  2. honestly all you need to do is overclock the chip to around 3.2ghz.The mobo should handle the card fine so it's not the P5K's fault.
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