Dead CPU or Motherboard

I had a P4 2.8 ghz setting idle. It's motherboard died sometime ago. I found a deal on a Foxconn 945G7AD and so I decided to try and get some use out of it and maybe pick up an E6xxx chip on the cheap sometime in the future.

Anyway I put the system together and everything was working fine but the CPU would overheat on heavy load. After a post in the CPU & Components forum it was suggested that I put on too much thermal paste. After searching the net and finding some excellent video's on Youtube I went to clean my CPU and try again.

But now when I boot up I get no video. It has onboard intel graphics(bad I know).

So I'm trying to figure out which went bad. The CPU or the Motherboard.

While I was cleaning the CPU I accidentally(I know. What a shmuck) got a little of the paste on the contacts of the CPU. So I took some alcohol and a Q-tip and cleaned it off. I'm wondering if I did ESD damage to the CPU by doing this? Anybody care to weigh in?

Or is it possible the alcohol didn't clean the paste off good enough and that I have a contact problem with the CPU. If so what should I use to clean it of?

How can I check to see which is defective without purchasing another Motherboard or CPU?

Thanks in advance.
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    Did you try to clear the cmos and boot?
  2. I'd say try it with a new CPU first.
    $84 E6300 2.8GHz

    then if it's still not working replace the board
    $69 Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H
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