Will an AMD 4400+ X2 bottleneck a new graphics card?

I'm considering buying a new graphics card, but will a 4400+ X2 bottleneck a new HD 4770?
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  1. More than likely yes. But only at a really high res.

    If you OC it it may lower the bottleneck but you would be smart to grab a Phenom II X3 or Athlon II X2/X4
  2. You'd be fine with an Athlon IIx2. No need to go higher with that card.

    You say brand new though? The 4770 is not new. Did you mean the 5770? If so this changes things.
  3. i mean, a brand new card, not one of the latest cards
    is 1680x1050 a high enough resolution for a bottleneck? D:
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