X58 Sabertooth and Cold Feet

I know that I might be out of context here in terms of the correct thread but I am beginning to get cold feet over the Asus X58 Sabertooth. I have it! Its not up and running yet but after doing some reading I am beginning to think that I should have purchased the EVGA X58 SLi3 mobo instead. Fact is, I have not put together a custom system in years so I am relearning everything all over again. I am probably no different than anyone here in that I want as smooth a process as I can possibly have in terms of installation and boot so that I can begin installing the OS. Problem is that I am have seen some disastorous posts on people with Sabertooth Builds that are just causing issues. I would like to think that all will go well but I know full well what I went through years ago when I would do this kind of stuff for others, and experienced all kinds of issues. Back then the Bios's where not as friendly, the drivers were at best a crap shoot, and the hardware support was abysmal. So as I venture onward through this process once again. I hope that I can have a very uneventful build, and I hope that I chose the right motherboard for the job. Fact is, I had only three 1366 type mobos to choose from at Fry's here in Austin.

1. Asus Rampage III - Way our of my price range
2. EVGA X58 SLI - 164.99
3 Asus X58 Sabertooth - 194.99 ( I chose this)

Please tell me I was right. Lying is acceptable. :) I later looked at the EVGA X58 and it has some decent specs, and OC capabilities. I only decided based on rumor that these boards were coming back as DOA. EVGA is pretty much the standard for Nvidia cards, for which I just purchased a brand new GTX560Ti 2GB card to go into this system. Should I have gone all EVGA (Mobo & GPU), or should I stick it out and see how this turns out beginning monday evening when the rest of the system is completed/ Time is of the essence, so role the dice please!
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  1. The X58 Sabertooth from what I have read is one of the best overclockers by far. ASUS are always building quality boards, if I had the money to spend I would pick the Sabertooth over the EVGA SLI anyday, I'm not saying the EVGA is bad, it just isn't the same as the Sabertooth.
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