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So ive finally finished my new PC, but i dont no what WC system to put inside. Id like to overclock to 4.5 or higher and was wonder if the Corsair H100 or XSPC Rasa RX360 would be better. Id also like to see if there is another kit that you would recommend thats fairly easy to piece together and or just upgrading some parts on the rasa rx360 i.e. CPU block, tubing, fans, and such. Ive posted a few times regarding this question and knowbody has been able to give me a straight answer. Please let me know what you guys think i should use. Thanks Alot :)

CPU - i7 2600k
Mobo - Asus Maximus Extreme IV Z
GPU - GTX580 x2
Case - Obsidian 800D or CM HAF X
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  1. If you're going the RX360 kit than there isn't much to upgrade. The pump, rad, block are all included to work in tandem and yet give great performance for that price.

    However, IF, you're assembling your own WC then you'd need to choose parts...which'll be upgrade friendly to your loop.e.g: adding a gpu block to the loop.

    honestly, i've been reading people using one GPU block with the XSPC Rasa 750 RX360 Kit without complications.

    *if you want to add anything to the kit than the GPU block if you want to cool your GPU from the get-go.
  2. Two 580's plus a 4GHz plus Oc would probably require another rad, RX240 would fit well
    So the 360 kit, gpu blocks plus 2x barbs for each block and maybe some extra tubing
  3. So if i were to get the XSPC Rasa RX360 and add a RX240 with 2 GPU blocks. Would that be a nice setup for a first time watercooling? Thanks for the replys guys
  4. The Rasa 360 kit with your additions yes,
    that would be a great start to get you into things, you'll have everything you need, and hopefully nothing you don't
    decide if you're getting universal blocks for the cards or model specific ones
    if you buy MS ones, the probably won't fit any future cards you get,
    if you buy uni's, you may need to buy some heatsinks for the Vram modules on the cards (if the block doesn't cover them)
    so a few details to tweak but yes, that would be fine for a first loop
  5. really...all that ---> 1x 360rad +1x 240+ 2GPU blocks+1 CPU block... :/ i'm for teh 360 kit but i think for all those blocks which offer the most resistance in your loop I'd get a better pump. a D5 pump would keep you happy for as many rads as you want to include in your loop, actually forget the part about the rads - i meant to say you can include more GPU blocks in case you go tri-sli/crossfire.

    since you're packing some serious heatware - i'd mark up a lil better spec'd pump. But your case is lovely for a stealthy top mounted 360 rad :)

    ** will side with moto on the GPU blocks advice though :)
  6. Thanks for the reply moto. Would you recommend upgrading the cpu block, fans, or tubing at all. And what should I be looking for in a nice gpu block? I appreciate all your help :)

    Edit: Thanks lutfij. Ill probably be upgrading the pump now that u say that. Is the D5pump and pump\ reservoir combo or would I need a new one as well? Sorry I'm still new to water cooling lol :)
  7. I agree with the benefits of an upgraded pump but that will require you to look at a reservoir as well,
    if you were going for a better pump, I'd say build the loop from scratch should have all the XSPC parts seperately
    and other W/c sites will have a selection of fittings/gpu blocks and reservoirs to peruse
  8. if your "upgrading the tubing than going for a kit isn't a good idea. The kits are actually far better than they seem on their own. no need for more tubing.

    CPU block - for that price the performance is unbeatable, so no need to change
    fans - i read that they are noisy...but that depends from people to people. Me being an x dj, i can actually pay attention to the various layers on yeah the noise of a fan matter to me.
    Tubing - they come with ~8+ ft of tubing - plenty i think for any build but you can add more tubing per linear feet (a tip i picked up from Mr.Rubix101)

    if you really want to change the tube's blocks and ofcourse you'd need to choose 2xGPU blocks than you could go custom but that will set you back a couple of quid...or more :P

    i also forgot to mention - WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET ? :)

    @ moto - you can find the pump combo'd with the res for a D5 variant - (though i would'nt recommend buying this from frozencpu - its a lil cheaper elsewhere)
  9. Sorry, yes for clarification, when I said maybe more tubing, I meant you may need extra length ,not that there was any problem with the XSPC tube
    Nice to know the different pump. Combo as well cheers Lutfij :-)
  10. :cheers: - also to enforce moto's point - if you want a different block for cpu, better pump - than you'll be a good way off to a WC if you built it from scratch.
  11. I don't really have a set budget atm. I'm the kinda person that what's the best and unless it is I don't wantg it lmao. I guess building my own system would be best in that case. Is there a lit of stuff I can refer to and would it be fairly user friendly to set up? Thanks guys
  12. Just read up as much as you can and get an idea of what you will need. There is a lot to pick up on and understand, so take your time and figure out what works fo ryou and your budget.
  13. ^ + 15,000 for reading; follow Rubix's siggy and you'll get a whole lot of info on what to get and why to get it.
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