X58 Classified not showing HDD's

I recently made some modifications in my case. When I went to boot up it said there were no disks found. They show in Bios but not when the computer boots. I scrubbed the drives (2 150gb raptors in RAID 0) thinking I may have messed something up, not a big deal since I just loaded it last night so not much to lose. I also reset the BIOS defaults, downloaded EVGA drivers and still nothing. I was able to load Windows on to one of the drives but when I reboot I have to select which disk to load from every time, even after making adjustment in Bios for disk boot.

Anyone have ideas or did I just trash my new build?
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  1. I am an idiot. I forgot to set the RAID setting in my BIOS so it was not recognizing the RAID 0. Two hours lost.
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